Birthdays and Blankets

We’ve had and fun filled month. Our household gets the privilege of celebrating two special birthdays in April. Our son William (17th) and my husband Michael (22nd). So needless to say we’ve been pretty busy. Oddly enough they both wanted the same thing for there birthdays.


They wanted mommy to make them quilts. Well, somehow I actually managed to do it! 2 quilts in 2 weeks while doing parties and a trip to the Muncie Children’s Museum. Needless to say I’m exhausted and ready for a break.

I made a chevron blanket for my son, not photographed since the stinker wouldn’t give it back once I was done sewing it, and a herringbone blanket for my husband. I noticed not a lot of people do free tutorials on herringbone quilts so I thought I’d do a little tutorial for those who would like to learn a easy way.

1. First you start with 10×10 square. You can buy a layer cake if you want but I used 2 yards of grey cotton and 2 yards of white cotton to make mine. Place one square of each color right sides together and sew all the way around them with a 1/4″ seam.


2. Using a ruler you can draw a line connecting your corners diagonally or if you feel comfortable you can just cut. I drew the lines to give you a better visual.


3. Cut along the lines so that you have four pieces. Press your seams to the grey side and iron open.


4. Arrange your pieces so that the sides are opposites. This will be you’re pattern you will only need to make this one square to create the repeat.


5. Sew the four squares together and trim up any uneven edges. Press and set the seams.


6. Continue making your squares until you have the desired size for your quilt. I used 24 squares (4 squares x 6 squares) to make a lap quilt.


Here is the final result.




2 thoughts on “Birthdays and Blankets

  1. Thanks for the directions. We’ve been looking all over Pinterest. Why show something people can’t make! Yours appears very easy to follow. We are going to start trying to make a table runner first! Thanks again!

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