Jelly Roll Diamond Tutorial


Well it’s that time again. Time for another tutorial. Today I’m going to walk you through an easy and fast quilt block that I call the jelly roll diamond.

To make this block you need:

3 pattern jelly roll strips

3 solid jelly roll strips

I used Moda Bella Solids in Silver and Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille



First you need to sew your strips together in two strip sets. The first one with one solid strip on either side of your pattern strip and the other with the pattern strips on the outside of one solid strip. Iron your strip sets flat. If you are using white as your solid press all your seams to the pattern side, but if you are using a darker solid like I did you can press them either way.


Next put the two strip sets right sides together and sew down both sides to create a tube.


Now you will need a ruler with a 45 degree angle line. If you have a large square ruler you can use that as well. Line up your 45 degree angle line with your seam. slide the ruler to the edge of you strip so that one side is at the edge. Cut along the edge of your ruler.


Now reverse your ruler to have the 45 degree and line sitting on the opposite side of where it just was. Slide the ruler so that the edge of your ruler sits ontop it would intersect your last cut.


Continue cutting block this way until you reach the end of your strips. You should end up with 6, but for this block we only need 4. Press and open all of your blocks. They should look something like this.


Once you lay all 4 pieces together they will look like this.


Sew your 4 block together and press. Unfinished size for this block is 17″ so in no time it creates a pretty little quilt. With a jelly roll of each fabric you can create a 50 x 66 quilt if you were to not use the extra 2 blocks made with each strip set.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. 🙂 Happy Quilting.

One thought on “Jelly Roll Diamond Tutorial

  1. now, that’s something I never would have thought of doing – sewing the two strips into a tube; I wondered how you’d get them to line up like that. Very, very pretty.

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