Snips and Snags

I’ve been realizing lately that some things come more naturally to certain people than they do for others. For me quilting comes so naturally, it’s relaxing and brings me a peace of mind whenever i sit down at my machine. Now blogging on the other hand, that ones not as easy. I look around at all these amazing quilting blogs out there and wonder, how on earth they have the time and energy (a lot of which have young children as well) to do all they do while maintaining a blog on top of it.

In the hope that I can attempt to do the impossible I’m going to attempt a post every other week from here on. I half want to laugh at myself for this idea mostly because I keep asking myself “What in the world are you gonna post?” Well, hopefully some pretties and when in doubt my babies are my most beautiful subject to photograph.
Right now I need to play a little catch up. I’ve been working quite a lot on mini quilts lately. I think this can all be traced back to one amazingly creative lady, Camille Roskelley. If any of you follow me on instagram (which sadly I am much better at updating) you might have seen a mini or two (or 3 or 4) that i’ve made thanks to the inspiration of Mrs. Roskelley. They are simply addicting.

Not to mention her normal patterns.
I’ve also been working on a few new projects thanks to Lori Holt’s new book “Great Granny Squared”.
And one little project that was more of a design as i went concept for my cousin’s birthday.

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