New Patterns and Sewing Room Reveal

It’s been busy times over here. This week I’m happy to announce the release of not one, but three new patterns to my little shop. Two mini patterns and a lap quilt pattern.

origami blossoms miniCounting Stars Cover_edited-1Counting Stars Cover

All are available for instant download in my etsy shop and on craftsy.

Recently my family and I faced with a bit of a dilemma. We were offered a chance to buy the duplex we live in on contract for a small sum. It was a great deal, but it meant one thing I’m not all together fond of… packing. The downstairs is much larger and has space for our washer and dryer (I sure have missed those). Now since I’m no fan of the laundromat and a big fan of clean clothes this was a good deal to me. That being said, it primarily means packing up and moving my just settled into sewing room and starting over. 😦

When I realized this, I also realized that I had never actually shown anyone my sewing space (clean or otherwise). So now I’d like to invite you into my space while I struggle to pack it up.

Thanks for stopping by.

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