Very Cherry Crochet Hook Holder

This morning I was working on a project for the #verycherryswap on instagram. It’s just a simple crochet hook case and I thought I’d share a short tutorial on how to make one.

18- 2″ squares
1- 3-1/2″x 4″ piece of white fabric
2- 3/4″ hexagons (for cherries)
2- 2″ squares in green (for cherry leaves)
small piece of batting
18″x3-1/2″ piece of inner fabric
button and thread
brown embroidery floss (for cherry stems)

1. Sew 14 of your 2″ squares into 7 rows of 2.
2. Sew the last 4- 2″ squares into a four patch.

3. Take your 2- 2″ green squares and cut into a leaf shape. On the 4″x3-1/2″ piece of white, draw an arch that will be your cherry stems. With embroidery floss, sew a backstitch along the line you’ve drawn. Using your sewing machine attach the leaves and hexagon cherries to the same piece of white fabric.

4. Sew the four patch to the top of your cherry piece.
case 2
5. Sew the large patchwork piece to the bottom of your cherry piece.
6. Lay your inside fabric piece on your table with right side up. Place your patchwork/cherry piece on top with right side DOWN. Lay your batting on top. Stitch around, but leave a small opening on one of the long sides for turning.

7. Turn your work right side out and close the opening.

8. From the top of your piece, measure 6-3/4″ down. Fold on this point with your outside pieces touching (the back and front should be folded in and your lining fabric should be showing). Stitch along the sides and snip the bottom corners, being careful not to cut the thread. Turn right side out.

9. Now all that is left is to create a button hole and attach your button. If you’d prefer you can omit this step by using velcro instead.
case 4
You now have a happy cherry crochet hook case!

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