Hexagon Pincushion Caddie Tutorial

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Awhile back I posted a tutorial on instagram for how to make a hexagon pincushion caddie and I thought I should share it here as well.

Ok so let’s start with the material requirements: since this is English paper pieceing, you will need needles, thread, scissors and a glue stick. I also like to use binding clips for holding things together, but we will get back to that. This version uses 2″ hexagons but you can modify it if you want a different size. You will need 2 hexagons in paper and one from cardboard (cereal boxes work great). You will also need (6) 2″x4″ rectangles from the same cardboard.
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Here is how you make the pieces for the outside of your pincushion. Take 1 of your 2″ hexagons and cut it in half. Line up one piece along the bottom edge of your paper and draw around it. Now take your ruler and measure 2″ above the drawn piece. Align the second piece along this line and draw around it to finish your elongated hexagon template. You will need 6 of these templates to create your pincushion.
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Now for cutting. You will need (6) 4-1-2″x6-1-2″ pieces for the outside of the caddie. (6) 2-1/2″x4-1/2″ pieces for the inside of the caddie and (2) 4-1/2″ squares for the inside and bottom of pieces.
FullSizeRender 69

Ok now it’s time to baste everything. Note: if you would prefer you can baste the outside pieces in the traditional way, but all the cardboard pieces need to be basted with glue.
FullSizeRender 66

Once everything is basted you will want to lay your pieces out in the order you want them to go in for the inside and outside pieces. If you have directional prints make sure to have them all facing the same way.
FullSizeRender 52

A side note: if you’re particular like I am, you can clip your pieces together in order with the clips on the side to be sewn together. Lol and you can use 12 pk cases from pop for cardboard too. 😂 my husband is a code red fan so I made use of the cardboard from the box.
FullSizeRender 62

Sew along each of your outside pieces from top to bottom leaving the right side facing in until all 6 are connected in a circle.
FullSizeRender 53

Ok so once you come to this point you can now remove you paper templates as the have served their purpose. Once they are removed you can turn right side out.
FullSizeRender 51

This is what you should have at this point. Now repeat the process with the 2″x4″ pieces keeping the right sides to the inside and the cardboard on the outside.
FullSizeRender 55

So this is what you should have once you stitch the 2″x4″ pieces together.
FullSizeRender 67

With the paper backed hexagon stitch to each of the six sides of your middle piece. This will be the bottom of your base so make sure that the design is not on the inside.
FullSizeRender 71

And here is how it should look from the bottom and the top. Next take your large elongated hexagon piece and fit it around the cardboard pieces. I find that this is when the wonder clips are most helpful. You will now stitch all the way around the top. I prefer to use a ladder stitch for this part so the stitches aren’t as obvious, but you can use a whip stitch if you prefer.
FullSizeRender 70FullSizeRender 61FullSizeRender 56

Now flip it over and stitch all but 2 of the wedges, in this case I’m going to leave the pink and red wedges open.
FullSizeRender 65

Ok we’re coming round the home stretch now. Next, fill your pincushion through the two wedge section you left open on the last step. You may need to use a chopstick or pencil to push your stuffing in well. Make sure to stuff until you can’t stuff anymore… And then add a little more 😂lol but seriously let’s get it nice and plump 😉
FullSizeRender 57

And now, we stitch her all up.
FullSizeRender 68

And last, fit your cardboard backed hexagon inside your pincushion. It should fit snuggly. That’s it. You’ve completed your hexagon pincushion caddie!
FullSizeRender 60

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