Winter Blues

I’m not usually very open about my life aside from the light and fluffy stuff, like quilting and my little ones, but I have felt compelled to share my experience as a pattern designer, quilter and mom living with SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Many years back, when my husband and I were just starting out, he noticed that I would become lethargic and more socially withdrawn during the winter. I would still go to work and eat when prompted, but I didn’t really show any signs of enjoying my life. When the snow finally melted and the sun came back out we both noticed a very drastic change in my mood. After some reasearch and a trip to my doctor I was diagnosed with SAD.

Over the years I have struggled every winter to find an effective way to combat the effects and still have found few things that have helped. The first being daylight bulbs, to which I have effectively filled my sewing room with a good 240 watts of this light to help. The second is a tiny vile of aroma therapy oils that a friend of mine gave me a few years back.

During these times I’ve learned that my sewing machine does suffer a little neglect, but my graph paper and computer become filled with new ideas and patterns!

I don’t mean for this post to be a woe is me kind of thing, but hopefully it can help others to make the connections I made many years back and find some relief from the effects of SAD in their own life.

Here in Indiana, the winter is not quite over (though just wait 24 hrs and it just might change on you 😂) and I’m still feeling sluggish around my sewing machine, but my designs have been abundant.

I hope to get back to some pretty sewing pieces soon, but until then here’s a peak at what I’ve been cooking up on my computer 😜.

These are availible currently at both my Etsy shop and Craftsy.

Poinsettia Patch cover Isle Star cover Snow Storm cover
Ribbon Dance cover Star Crossed Lovers cover

And these pretties are coming soon.

Corner Crossing cover Queen Bee cover Fireworks cover Chess Match cover



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