Playing Catch Up

Lately it’s been a little chaotic around my house. Between check ups, firework shows, birthday parties and lots of traveling I’m rather wiped out. Image

I’ve spent the last couple weeks finishing a project that was a little different for me. I had never worked with hexagons before and with Moda releasing their new honeycomb precut I could resist trying it out.


Well, I learned that they are not as simple as the website might lead you to believe. Infact after ripping out 4 rows of them I threw my hands in the air and said I was done.

Anyone who knows me would laugh at that thought. I don’t give up on things easy and can be a pretty stubborn person at times when I want to be. It wasn’t 24 hrs later and I was back at my work station mulling over those pieces of fabric trying my best to think of a better option. Then I came across the perfect pattern. No annoying Y seams! I fell in love and started working on it right away.


Well, life doesn’t like to give me unlimited quilting time so it took me another week to finally finish my first quilt featuring honeycombs. I’m quite proud and excited by this little quilt.


You can find it for sale in my Etsy shop here.