Run Run Rudolph

It’s been 2 months since my last post and like most of you it’s thanks to the holidays. I’ve spent the past 4 weeks pretty much sewing non stop. I’ve even gotten quite behind in my favorite shows, but I think it was well worth it.


This year I got the brilliant idea to make the grandparents quilts for Christmas. Well, I may have bitten off more than I could chew, but it was an improvement on the year I decided to make everyone (siblings, parents and grandparents!) gloves and hats!! I’d like to believe I’ve toned it down a bit 😉

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First Up is the Swoon quilt I made my Grandma Moore. This was the first time I had ever attempted the swoon block and I have to say it was rather addicting. I’ve already started making more in hopes of making myself a quilt one day that my children won’t steal. LOL that’s probably never going to happen.

Next is the a Square in a Square quilt I started back in August! I changed the design a few times and was finally happy enough to finish it. This one is for the Amonetts’.
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My last two are ALMOST done, but still need a little work. The Piece of Cake quilt, which is for the Fishers’ just needs to add binding.

The Niner quilt just is half way done with free motion quilting… Yeah I’m getting there.

I’ve also taken the Round & Round quilt design and made a pillow for my parents.

I even made myself a table runner!

Well that’s enough non sewing time. Gotta get back to work. Only 6 days left!

Happy Holidays Everyone.


Jelly Roll Diamond Tutorial


Well it’s that time again. Time for another tutorial. Today I’m going to walk you through an easy and fast quilt block that I call the jelly roll diamond.

To make this block you need:

3 pattern jelly roll strips

3 solid jelly roll strips

I used Moda Bella Solids in Silver and Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille

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Playing Catch Up

Lately it’s been a little chaotic around my house. Between check ups, firework shows, birthday parties and lots of traveling I’m rather wiped out. Image

I’ve spent the last couple weeks finishing a project that was a little different for me. I had never worked with hexagons before and with Moda releasing their new honeycomb precut I could resist trying it out.


Well, I learned that they are not as simple as the website might lead you to believe. Infact after ripping out 4 rows of them I threw my hands in the air and said I was done.

Anyone who knows me would laugh at that thought. I don’t give up on things easy and can be a pretty stubborn person at times when I want to be. It wasn’t 24 hrs later and I was back at my work station mulling over those pieces of fabric trying my best to think of a better option. Then I came across the perfect pattern. No annoying Y seams! I fell in love and started working on it right away.


Well, life doesn’t like to give me unlimited quilting time so it took me another week to finally finish my first quilt featuring honeycombs. I’m quite proud and excited by this little quilt.


You can find it for sale in my Etsy shop here.

The world keeps going

I realized yesterday it has been 3 months since my last post. Sorry to anyone who thought I may have fallen off the face of the Earth. Recently I purchased a Baby Jane layer cake and after much deliberation I decided I had to make a vintage star quilt with it.


It’s still a work in progress but I thought you might like to see this stage of the process.

ImageHave a wonderful evening and I’ll be back with more fun projects soon,

Birthdays and Blankets

We’ve had and fun filled month. Our household gets the privilege of celebrating two special birthdays in April. Our son William (17th) and my husband Michael (22nd). So needless to say we’ve been pretty busy. Oddly enough they both wanted the same thing for there birthdays.


They wanted mommy to make them quilts. Well, somehow I actually managed to do it! 2 quilts in 2 weeks while doing parties and a trip to the Muncie Children’s Museum. Needless to say I’m exhausted and ready for a break.

I made a chevron blanket for my son, not photographed since the stinker wouldn’t give it back once I was done sewing it, and a herringbone blanket for my husband. I noticed not a lot of people do free tutorials on herringbone quilts so I thought I’d do a little tutorial for those who would like to learn a easy way.

1. First you start with 10×10 square. You can buy a layer cake if you want but I used 2 yards of grey cotton and 2 yards of white cotton to make mine. Place one square of each color right sides together and sew all the way around them with a 1/4″ seam.


2. Using a ruler you can draw a line connecting your corners diagonally or if you feel comfortable you can just cut. I drew the lines to give you a better visual.


3. Cut along the lines so that you have four pieces. Press your seams to the grey side and iron open.


4. Arrange your pieces so that the sides are opposites. This will be you’re pattern you will only need to make this one square to create the repeat.


5. Sew the four squares together and trim up any uneven edges. Press and set the seams.


6. Continue making your squares until you have the desired size for your quilt. I used 24 squares (4 squares x 6 squares) to make a lap quilt.


Here is the final result.